Entry #11

Hello lightness my old friend

2016-02-05 22:23:01 by VirusGiver

Kept you waiting, huh?

It's been a long year, so where to begin?

My life seemed to move out of nowhere it seemed. I was having trouble juggling both my work and school sections of life. As soon as summer arrived I promised myself I wouldn't work in the food industry for more than a year so I left it as soon as summer arrived. I decided to focus a bit more on school. So summer arrived and so did the summer minimester, I focused on studying and then the unexpected happened. I got a girlfriend. So naturally this meant getting a job. A few days into the beggining of this year, she decied to end our relationship but we ended on good terms. Now I decided to look at where I left off when all of this finished, here. If there's one thing I've learned in all of 2015, is that at least now I have a more in depth view of things.

I think now, I'll go right ahead and try to animate something, I can't promise anything since my laptop whre I had all my flash stuff is currenly unusable since the battery is dead and I can't buy a new one yet. I've been interested in making a game however, even if its a small and simple game like tetris or pong.

I'll try to update this page every month.


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