2014-10-29 01:42:46 by VirusGiver

I seriously dislike my life currently. I have to go to school, when I finish back, I have to do time consuming homework, and when I'm done, I can't work on this animation because I'm easily distracted. Given that weekends there are no distractions, I have nothing else. to do except go to work 7 hours those 2 days. Ugh. So what's the update on that new project? Picture this:

- I need to draw 45 models unique form the others to really make it stand out. I have drawn 5 so far, but only 2 are finished and ready to be animated.

- Each model I draw has to have a small movement animation even if it is merely a loop. Stills won't cut it for me.

- The video is rhythmic, so it is a MUST that it has good pacing and flow. (I seriously don't know how Oney does it with his Leo and Satan cartoons, the tweening looks gorgously proficient within the series)
- The animation has about 22 backgrounds, 6 of which I've drawn, 4 that are finished,but only 2 that I actually like how they turned out...

- Lastly, that song is great but, by God, when I hear it, it makes me think of how much I could have finished had I gotten a better attention span.

I've written down a few ideas for shorts (short for me to draw and run under a minute) and figured I might as well upload shorts for a while instead of having long periods of silence. I guess my problem with making these animations is that I aim for things that are way above a minute. So, I guess I'll aim for minute or less shorts...


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